Hands-off IT management

Supporting digital change requires a new approach to IT. You must manage complex application landscapes, support business innovation, and increase the ROI of your digital initiatives. Itility Cloud Control offers a DevOps service to achieve this, which comes with automation, orchestration, and pre-configured analytics solutions — tightly integrated with your IT, digital, and software development teams. There is no other way: traditional manual processes cannot offer you quality and agility in one breath.

By combining automation, DevOps, and analytics, we create an IT factory that delivers innovation as well as the means to run it efficiently. Achieving operational excellence while generating continuous improvement can only be effected by a DevOps approach with clearly defined platform standards to allow for horizontal scaling. Based on industry best practices these standards consist of highly productized DevOps building blocks.

Running your IT as a factory

Improving on digital

We recognize that the IT solutions you pick for implementing your digital strategy will be comprehensive. They will consist of custom made software, off-the-shelf software, microservices-based software, and cloud components as well as physical infrastructures. By assessing required solutions, your current IT landscape, and the way you want it to run in the future, we identify areas that can be improved by applying our building blocks. In addition, we accelerate your cloud strategy: we know what your cloud vendors can offer and how to implement these services.

Automated cloud foundation

Automation is one of the driving forces of any agile IT factory. With the goal to create a hands-off IT environment, we use infra-as-code to provide an extensive foundation of integrated — private, public, and hybrid — cloud building blocks, tools, and services. By standardizing assets and processes, we generate a catalog of preconfigured and automatically deployable items. This significantly reduces the risk of errors while increasing your scalability.

Analytics-driven operations

Measuring all aspects of your digital platform creates a vast amount of useful data. By applying data analytics and machine learning, we can automatically monitor and manage your environment — fully hands-off. We use end-to-end analytics to bring you valuable insights into costs, performance, and security. We then use those insights to identify actionable points for improvement, further increasing your level of control.

On-site DevOps teams

The on-site team, consisting of data, DevOps, and infrastructure specialists develops and manages the IT operations factory. The team integrates with your other teams, at least partially on-site, in an agile collaboration. It is steered by you as the overall product owner. Short release cycles increase development speed and focus on quickly delivering business value. By teaming up closely with your stakeholders, we can process feedback immediately and drive toward a better service.

We use end-to-end analytics to identify actionable points for improvement, increasing your level of control.”

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"Let me show you how building a digital platform can streamline your operations and deliver innovations at the same time."