Why Itility Cloud Control?

Digital change will remain a key topic for some time to come. Whether it is an upcoming IoT project, a data lake implementation, or an intensified software development initiative, Cloud Control helps you to support this change while keeping the engine running. It handles the new digital areas as well as your traditional landscape that requires a strictly controlled management process. Your benefits are:

Digital strategy

Enabling your digital strategy

Our way of working focuses on applying and running the latest technologies for building your digital solutions. At the same time, we work toward a digital platform, managed eyes-on and hands-off. Enabling you to focus on digital change, instead of just keeping the IT lights on.

Cost efficiency

Improving your cost efficiency

Within the DevOps model we focus relentlessly on delivering a scalable infrastructure, optimizing subscriptions, and rightsizing your assets, so your cost efficiency improves on a daily basis.

Digital 24/7

Digital services 24/7

Managing IT operations is traditionally a labor-intensive task. Using a software-only approach with extensive automation, we deliver hands-off IT management to increase scalability and guarantee 24/7 availability.


Data-driven control

The components of your platform deliver a vast amount of valuable data. Smart monitoring and analytics translate this data into insights and automated tasks, giving you increased control over cost, performance, and security, instantly and tactically.

On-site DevOps

Close by, on-site DevOps model

Our consultants and DevOps teams work on-site in close cooperation with your stakeholders. As your digital twin, our teams act with your business goals and your end user’s needs in mind. Standard reporting keeps you in the loop at all times.

Secure IT Operations

Secure IT operations

Managing data security and compliancy is crucial to achieve business continuity. We control access to your platform, data, and applications, and identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can impact your business.

Delivering business value


Itility Cloud Control helped Ampleon to achieve increased productivity, an automated application landscape, and license optimization during and after their carve-out from NXP.

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"Let me show you how our DevOps practices lead to results while maintaining cost control and enterprise-level security at the same time."